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How to lay out the furniture to save the most space

2021-08-10 管理员 Read 340

1. Symmetrical: Symmetrical display is the easiest and most space-saving display. Take the table as an example. Two chairs are placed on each side of the table, and they are placed at symmetrical positions and distances.

2. Coordination-sense of balance: furniture is the teaching assistant of the whole room, and it is very important that the arrangement of the furniture can be coordinated with the indoor style.

3. Parallel-symmetry: the space lines and the furniture lines are parallel to each other, such as the edge of the window frame or the visual continuity. Can make the lines of the entire space relatively regular. If you match the upper edge of the window frame and the top of the door, the effect will be even better.

4. Proportion-comfort: A space with a small area or a low ceiling is usually suitable for small homes or low-scale furniture. This arrangement can reduce the pressure caused by the low ceiling or narrow space in the room. The space is large, and the amount of furniture that can be put is naturally more. The placement of the entire furniture should pay attention to factors such as symmetry, coordination, and balance.